Planning today for success in the future


Routine Estate Planning


We provide routine estate planning services for our clients who 'just want the basics'.  We can assist you in this regard by drafting basic Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney and other transfer instruments.

Advanced Estate Planning


In addition to the basic estate plan, many families benefit from utilizing one or more trusts or other legal entities to transmit wealth from one generation to the next at the lowest tax cost according to their wishes.  We assist families in this endeavor.



We can assist you in navigating the Probate Courts of Missouri to clear title to assets.  From miscellaneous administrative filings, legal notices to beneficiaries and court hearings to final accountings and disbursements, we can assist you with each step along the way.

Trust Administration


We have been assisting clients administer trusts for over twenty-five (25) years.  From trusts with assets in excess of fifty million, to trusts with fifty thousand, our experience can be instrumental to proper administration.

Fiduciary Disputes


Whether it is a dispute as to the validity of a Last Will & Testament or the investment choices of a fiduciary, we can assist you in protecting your rights and discharging your duties and obligations.

Are you the Executor/Trustee?


We provide a full range of services to individuals who are acting in a fiduciary capacity.  From full accounting and check writing ability to advising with Will & Trust interpretation/construction and procedures regarding the on-going administration of the estate or trust, we have the experience needed to help you fulfill this important legal responsibility.